Challenge day 1

Todays read: forward 1, forward 2, forward three then on through page 31 stopping at section 10.

I haven’t read a Stephen King novel in years but I remember his captivating language of description that always held my attention. He literally paints a picture with words. His style is evident here. The pages fly under my fingertips as the images the words create fill my head.

First and foremost in forward one is the word language.

Page 18 encourages me as he believes writers are formed rather than made. Entry 1, also on page 18, instills in me the muse of imagination. Entry 2 at page 20 stresses humor. Entry 8 on page 29 reminds me to recognize and accept encouragement. Page 30 under entry 9 allows me to take the same inspiration and use it over and over by expanding it in a different direction each time creating new elements of interest.

There I did it. I started my journey, however brief or small it is a big step forward for me, even if it’s just one step. Thank you for coming along with me.

4 thoughts on “Challenge day 1

  1. I’ve never read a Steven King book in my entire life. I don’t like horror. More of an Ed McBain person myself. I will, however, pull my imaginary cheerleader outfit out of the imaginary moth balls, shake my pom poms and cheer you on!

  2. From the late 70s and well into the 80s I devoured every single one of the Stephen King books as they were published. Just couldn’t get enough of them. Even up to now there are only four or five which I haven’t yet read, all most recent ones. But it was the ‘Dark Tower’ series in the mid-80s which was my first major disappointment, and since then the books have been of variable quality, with nothing like the consistency of excellence with which he started. Still find him a rivetting creator, though, with an astonishing imagination – and yes, I’ve read his book on writing too and found it most illuminating. A high quality, very useful guide.

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