7 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. I don’t need a new pair of shoes just yet, but I love how you can customize a lot of their models. I might need to do that someday.

    Also, I’m having fun watching people go Edward Scissorhands on their Nike apparel on Twitter. In one case someone had a Nike barbecue in their backyard fire pit.

  2. All those folks burning their Nike wear, forgetting that burning things isn’t a boycott because you already paid for them.
    Oh, and if they all believe that Kap’s act is an affront to veterans, why not give their Nike merch to veterans instead of burning it?
    Oh, that would be smart and kind, two things these fools are not.

  3. Actually, just bought 2 Nike shirts from Dick’s online. They’re great at wicking away the sweat… and crazy assed Republicans.

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