Someone to emulate

A good leader is someone who inspires, is honest & humble, has integrity, leads by example, uplifts and serves for betterment of community/humanity. In other words a good leader is someone with good character.

While reading the Washington post this morning I ran across this article about one of our best. It’s worth sharing.

WaPo article Sunday August 19, 2018 on Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter, thank you for your integrity, leadership and inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Someone to emulate

  1. I miss having a President with integrity. I think we need to throw a party once this current Reign of Error™ is over with.

  2. Despite serving only one term his Presidency managed accomplishment with a dignity which outshone and has outlasted virtually every other single-term POTUS as well as many a two-termer. Carter’s legacy is that of a President who puts the current one to complete and utter shame (though which past Pres doesn’t?).

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