Choose your favorite

Three recordings of the same tune. Which one is your favorite?

The original:

Probably the most well known:

The most intense cover:

Although the Soft Cell cover holds a special place in my heart and will always be a big part of my early adulthood story, the original Gloria Jones version is my favorite.

Fearsome? I caught  him bobbing up and down to Marilyn Manson. I guess you can say between us we like all three.

6 thoughts on “Choose your favorite

  1. It’s got to be ‘Soft Cell’, above all because of its associations. It came out when I was in my mid-30s and was belatedly only just starting to discover the club scene.All the memories of a green, gauche and shy self not yet knowing the technique of cruising successfully, it all comes flooding back with the Soft Cell version. Even apart from that I prefer its harder edge to the Gloria Jones which I also know. However, without its associations I don’t know how I’d feel. Don’t think I’ve heard the Manson before and can’t find anything to make it superior to the other two.

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