Today’s Word

Fearsome feels that at times we should contemplate words we know and dig a little deeper. Therefore an occasional entry from this day forward will be titled Today’s Word.

These entries will ask the reader to take a moment to contemplate and go deeper into the meanings of a word, or even a feeling, in each readers own life. Most often a term of everyday vocabulary. Fearsome feels that sometimes a deeper understanding of meaning may be as beneficial, or maybe even more so, than an expanded lexicon.

So without further delay, let’s get this party started!

6 thoughts on “Today’s Word

  1. My granddaughters, teen and tween, gave me a wall plaque shaped like a bone. It reads: ” The more people I meet, the more I love my dog”. That is so me, and yet I know what compassion is and know how to use it. I don’t understand those who cheer on the cruelty of others. The mentality is toxic.

  2. I swoon; I love words and the exploration of them.
    I look forward to your reflections on them.
    When I think of the word compassion I recall a funeral homily for a dead priest that nobody liked.
    “Father A knew better than anyone the letter of the law. But there is something as important: the spirit of the law. When these great forces move in conflict, only one thing can navigate them: Human Compassion.

  3. Beyond the surface compassion is learned or developed, it took time for me to see compassion as something about others and not just feeling sad for myself. Compassion is a sign of emotional maturity. Something the world needs more of.

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