Over commitment

I have stretched myself thin.

We moved my mother across country into our house with us three weeks ago. I then traveled to Florida to work on rental properties there. We moved my in-laws from Fresno into a condo we own just minutes from us yesterday. We just renovated that condo and also a town house we own for my Sister-in-law to move into. My work is very busy. We are submitting for permits to build onto our house. Mom has doctor appointments, the dogs have vet appointments, I have doctor appointments, I have a rash, both our godsons are graduating…

Are you getting the picture?

To top it all off I gave up what I I enjoy (blogging and reading blogs regularly) for a news obsession since the 2016 presidential election.

Me-thinks I need to pause, re-evaluate and reset my path for maximum enjoyment of the blessings that life has given me.

I will start by writing this post and by sharing this video by two of my favorite inspirational bearded kilt wearing coaches.

This Kilted Coaches Video reminds me to ask, act and focus toward things I wish to have and not toward those I do not.

I also wish to express my gratitude to you, my readers and fellow bloggers, for sticking with me even though I’ve drifted. I also want to thank you for helping shepard me back to blogging. Don’t hesitate to give me a nudge if I stray. 😉

8 thoughts on “Over commitment

  1. It’s okay. Take all the time you need. I’ve got my own drama going on, and the only way I’m keeping sane is by trying to keep things as simple as I can day to day.

  2. well, I knew about your mom, but not all the rest. I hope your mom is adjusting well to the move.

    I see by my baseball calendar that your team does not play my team (here) until mid july; WTF?

    today was our pride parade in town.

    stop and smell the roses, post pix of the furkids, breathe, love, hug. BIG OLD SMOOCH!

  3. You are part of my daily check in on the world, a moment to see what is happening, what is pretty in the world. Things we enjoy, things that feed our soul, take time. Time well spent.

  4. You’ve got to take some time for yourself. Veg for a while . It’s like the airplane drill. When the oxygen thingy comes down, put yours on first and then you can help whoever you’re with. Consider yourself nudged 🙂

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