Mystery of love

As far as the movie goes, I wasn’t very familiar. We rented the movie on iTunes and watched it during the Academy Awards Show since it was a nominee. Wasn’t a flick I really had an interest in seeing.

Then again the universe works as it should and I watched it. Beautiful film of innocence, love and understanding.

But then there is this:


I haven’t been moved by a piece of music like this in a long while. The movie awakened many a distant memory and revived many a treasured emotion. It’s theme song, this song, reminds me to be forever grateful for all the love that has ever touched my life. Love that lasted, love that was lost, love that maybe never came to be and even Love that hurt.

Mystery of Love – Sufjan Stevens (Call Me By Your Name)


I’ve decided to add the Academy Award performance of this beautiful tune that I missed while watching the film.

5 thoughts on “Mystery of love

  1. My Rare One had tried to read the book the movie was based on, but found it unreadable. But we both loved the movie adaptation. Timothee Chalamet deserved his Oscar nomination for best actor if for nothing else but the final, brilliantly acted scene where, without words, you can see the moment in his eyes when he matures from innocent boyhood to sadder but wiser manhood.

  2. Though quite liking the film I don’t rave about it as much as some do. It’s not one I’d care to watch again. Perhaps it’s something to do with the emotions depicted resonating with one’s own life? I also don’t recall this particular song. Having said that I wouldn’t like to take anything away from those many for whom the film did make, obviously, a deep impression.

    • It’s the scene when the two of them take the bus for their weekend away just before the American leaves. They run through the hills into a waterfall. Careless and free their love flows freely. Quite an amazing scene. I found the film long and tedious but the climax of emotion at the end brought me to realize the build up the filmmaker was creating. The very last scene was so well done, so accurately represented, that the painfully slow build up was greatly rewarded. At that moment I realized I had just relived my own past. The song reminds me to feel, let myself feel freely. I’ve updated the post with the Academy awards performance of the tune. Check it out above.

      • Now you’re making me curious enough to change my mind and want to see the film again, F.B. Perhaps I will, just to discover any depths which escaped me first time round, especially towards the finish. Thanks for the addition of the clip above – the song may well turn out to be an ‘ear-worm’.

  3. While I enjoyed the film, I was surprised it was nominated for best picture. Its theme and characters didn’t have enough mass appeal in my opinion. But I loved the father’s speech near the end of the movie about the lack of permanence not negating the validity and specialness of the feelings.

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