Grown men cry

We cry when we feel.

We cry because we are vulnerable.

We cry to heal.

We cry with gratitude, or sadness, or joy, or hope, or grief, or pain.

We cry to love.

Today has been a spectacular day around us. My feelings have flowed freely. From joy and gratitude to grief and sadness. I’ve experienced beauty and inspiration as well as bewilderment and confusion.

New art in the alley today beside my barber.

Inspirational sign on the sidewalk I passed this afternoon.

Crystal blue sky above me as I walked.

Our last selfie together just now.

I write as we wait. Nina has had a good day but her health has continued to slide. It’s time.

Grown men cry.

12 thoughts on “Grown men cry

  1. Hell… you got me started……and I never cry.

    (((((((HUGS))))) to you my friend.

    The other day I remembered a quote my grandmother said once. Doing one thing good might not change the world, but that one thing could change the world for one person.

  2. I saw my father cry when I was about 8 or 9 … I remember him hugging me and telling me that it was okay for everyone – even grown men – to cry if you had a reason for tears. You have reason. And like Mistress B I am shedding a few here for the kindness and love that has caused your tears. I’m not saying it right but hopefully you are getting my meaning.

  3. We weep along with you, F.B.- and we bless her with gratitude and tears for what she has given you. Stay strong, but don’t let that stop you from crying all you need to.

  4. I’m beginning to cry over here, too. I was thinking about all of this as I was driving to my father’s house after work. That would have happened at about the same time as this. I’m glad she had a good last day. It’s always tough to let our furry friends go, but it helps to think about all of the happy memories.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. Your post reminded me of when I had to put down my beloved dog, Kali, a rescue dog who rescued me. She had leukemia and went from an active dog to a sick dog very quickly. We had no idea how old she was, and we only had her for about four years, but we loved her with all our hearts. She had a lot of quirks from being shuffled around between owners in her previous life, but when she settled in with us, she became the most wonderful of dogs. My heart goes out to you.

  6. You are one of three of my friends who have had to say goodbye to a 4 footed family member this week. While I don’t pretend to feel the same level of loss any of you do, I do feel the loss, too, and I hold my K-9 kids a little closer today, feeling joy that I know so many people who love, care for, and protect these amazing animals, and sadness that saying good-bye to them is a necessary part of these relationships.

    While I agree that crying is healing, cathartic, and necessary, I do like this sentiment:

    “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.”

    My thoughts are with you.

  7. I’m sure many of us can relate to shedding tears over losing a 4-legged family member. Why not? Its completely natural and human to grieve a loss. Thank you for sharing this moment in your life with us and know that you are held close in our hearts, especially right now.

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