Responsibilities of pet ownership

Last October marked the 3 year anniversary of our adoption of Nina. Nina’s owner had passed away and she had been left outside for a year behind an empty house. Her story starts HERE.

That was the day I discovered her. She was an older dog but full of energy, happy and playful. I wrote more about our decision to formally adopt her in this follow up POST.

We never really knew how old Nina was, but she has become a very old dog. In the past 6 months there has been a rapid deterioration. If you look back at her previous post there was a spark, a happiness and energy. Unfortunately due to age this is Nina today:

Nina on December 27, 2017. Official age unknown, estimated age 14-15 years.

Nina has a warm comfortable home that she has loved for the past three years. She has had regular medical care, dental care and grooming. She grew all her hair back after adoption and never had a flea again. She gained weight, ate well, played, walked and rarely ever barked. She had a short but happy life here.

I write because the time has come. We must make that decision that every loving pet owner never wishes to make.

She is confused. She’s not able to walk well. She can’t see nor hear. When she is able to walk, it is in circles as she has developed vestibular disease. She is often incontinent. She eats, but needs assistance. She appears uncomfortable.

We may not have to do it today, but we may. I just got the number for an in-home euthanisia Vet. I’m about to make the call to ask the questions and possibly schedule.

With tears I write. With written words I gain strength.

UPDATE: The in home appointment has been made for Friday 12/29 at 5 pm.

13 thoughts on “Responsibilities of pet ownership

  1. We’ve been there and have to remind ourselves that we’re doing what is the best thing for the pet, even though it hurts us tremendously.
    Just remember the love you gave her and the love she gave right back.

  2. Ten years ago today we made that decision for our Reesie – it was a difficult one. However the decision was one born of love and care and an unwillingness to see a creature we treasured suffer anymore. You are doing the same thing and with that same love and caring. And I’m glad you are able to do it at home.

  3. My heart hurts for you. Take comfort in the fact that her last years were happy because of you, and letting her go peacefully is the last act of kindness and love you can do for that sweet lady,

  4. This is always a tough decision, but it’s always the right one to let a beloved pet go rather than have them suffer. I’m with Sassybear on this one. You’re doing the right thing. (((hugs)))

  5. My heart goes out to you. I just went through the same thing just over a week ago. It’s heart breaking, but it is the right thing to do.

  6. Heartbreaking, F.B. What you’re going through is so fresh in my own mind as I’ve had to endure the same emotions for two of my precious, loved ones over the last six months, less than four months apart. Telling you that makes it no easier for you, except you may know how we genuinely feel for you and for the lovely, lovely Nina. Wishing you all the strength you need – and for Nina too.

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