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True freedom carries with it respect of differences. In public accommodation I must respect the freedom of others to live a different life than my own.

I practiced as a Respiratory Therapist in public medical accommodation for 20 years. In that practice I not only was required to respect different cultures, customs, politics and  religions but wished to appreciate what made us human. What makes us human is differences, as well as commonalities. Humanity is empathy. Humanity is understanding. Humanity is having different experiences. Humanity is having different beliefs. Humanity is enriching each other.

I currently sell real estate. Selling real estate is a public accommodation. In this field I am required by law to respect all races, religions, beliefs, politics, sexes, sexualities, colors, practices, disabilities, abilities, politics and professions. I, by law, cannot discriminate. I also do not wish to discriminate nor exclude. I sell property to all and I relish all.

Understanding begins with me. Respect begins with me. Empathy begins with me.

I don’t have to live the life of the one I don’t agree with. I live the life I choose. I let others live their life and respect that they believe differently. I respect they have a different life experience than I do. In public accommodation I serve them.

Join me. Be human. Start right where you are.

In public accommodation enrich the canvas that is the art of humanity.

9 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. That’s right. Anyone who sells or provides goods or services to the GENERAL PUBLIC must do so without discrimination, regardless of their own personal beliefs. Those personal beliefs cannot justify breaching that obligation. That’s the way human rights law works in Canada, anyway. We don’t have any exceptions for religious or other beliefs in this setting.

    If a group does want to discriminate, however, it must provide or sell its goods or services only within its own particular little group, not to the general public. That’s why the Catholic church remains free not to ordain women, provide same-sex marriage services or rent out their church halls to LGBT groups or anyone else they don’t agree with. So long as these services are offered only to Catholics, they get to call the shots as they see fit.

  2. I’m with you on this. I’m also with publicly shaming any company that discriminates. Shine the light on those cockroaches. They are the true abominations of society.

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