Live from New York

Fearsome and his family take on The Big Apple!

Fearsome and the Family

Wind blown with Mom on Top of The Rock

At St. Patrick’s

In Time Square with The Better Half

Enjoying Renoir

Eating real Chinese (except with a fork)

Experiencing Egyptian ruins


10 thoughts on “Live from New York

  1. ………IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like a good time is being had by all. So glad to see smiling faces with what…that cold weather!!! Hope your enjoying your trip tootes! Now I have to get another throw just looking at these pictures.

  2. Looks like Fearsome’s thoroughly enjoying himself (and the high winds), being chaperoned to see the sights – and the Chinese. He’ll have been delighted to meet up with Mom too, and the rest of the kin.

    I went into St Patrick’s myself way back when. I remember a huge stars and stripes hanging from the upper reaches, looking alarmingly faded and almost tawdry, clearly needing urgent replacement. This was just a few months after Robert Kennedy’s assassination. (There was an excursion later to Arlington where his grave hadn’t yet been constructed properly, being little more than a mass a flowers).

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