The time to talk about gun control is now. Period.

It’s time. Whether you are for it or against it. It’s time to fucking talk. To stay silent only let’s all those just injured, to have been injured in vain. To stay silent only lets all those murdered to die in vain. Meaningless, yes their injury and their death will be meaningless.

Do I believe that all guns should be illegal? No I don’t.

Do I believe all guns should be taken away? No I don’t.

Do I own a gun? No I don’t.

Do I know how to shoot a gun? Yes I do.

Have I ever been a member of the NRA? Yes I have.

Am I a member of the NRA now? No I am not.

Do I believe in gun control? Yes I do.

Do I believe that people have a right to own guns? Yes I do.

Do I believe that people have a right to own automatic weapons or assault rifles or machine guns or silencers? No, I do not.

Do I believe in background checks? Yes I do.

Do I believe that some people should be prevented from owning guns? Yes I do.

Do I believe in limits on the number of guns one can own? Yes I do.

Do I believe that people should be able to stockpile unlimited amounts of ammo? No I don’t.

Do I believe that limiting guns through sensible controls will stop all crime? No I don’t.

Do I believe that limiting guns through sensible gun controls will reduce violence, crime and mass shootings? Yes I do.

Do I believe gun control will lead to a safer society? Yes I do.

Will I let all those innocent mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, friends, and lovers die in vain without speaking my truth? No I will not.

Am I going to write my Senator, Congressperson, Governor and state legislator about initiating gun control bills and passing responsible gun control legislation? Yes I am.

As Fearsome Beard has done in the past, I will post links below for your convenience to look up and contact your representatives so that you may voice your opinions as well.

If our leaders will not talk about gun control when it really matters I feel we should hold all of their feet to the fire. I believe we should let them know that now is the time to talk. Now is the time to discuss and work towards a safer place that we all may live in without the fear.

Courage and strength is saying something when you see something.

Silence is just fucking complicit.

Why sit there stunned, mourning, angry, hurt, fearful and silent? Do something.

Contact your Senator.

Contact your Representative.

Contact your Governor.

Contact the White House.

Contact your state legislators.

Thank you in advance for your courage. Thank you in advance for standing up. Thank you in advance for making yourself heard. It all starts with each of us standing up and speaking our truth.

5 thoughts on “The time to talk about gun control is now. Period.

  1. It’s fine to talk gun control with people in Congress. If you get pushback, just tell them it’s okay to discuss it today since Sen. John Thune thought it was okay to blame victims for getting shot.

    Oh, yes he did that.

  2. Well said, we need mandatory reporting of serious mental health, we need to enforce and strengthen laws on automatic weapons (I don’t have to wait for the FBI experts to examine the weapons to be confident that fully automatic either made that way or modified – were used in Las Vegas – no one needs that kind of weapon outside of a way zone.) There should be things we can all agree on that would make a difference.

  3. my 2 cents – NO ONE should have guns but the military. abolish the NRA. put the gun/ammo manufacturers outta business. buy back all the guns/ammo, melt them down, and turn the metal into art.

    follow australia’s example.

    vote out of office ANY ONE that takes money from the NRA.

  4. Do you believe that the NRA should be allowed to pass concealed carry reciprocity legislation (so that if you have a concealed carry permit in a state that allows it and go to a state where it is prohibited, you are still allowed to conceal carry)? I hope you don’t.

    • I am unaware of that proposed legislation and personally don’t keep up with all gun issues and per my statements I don’t own a gun nor am I currently an NRA member. I was an NRA member as a child since they came to our elementary school and signed us up with free memberships back in the early 1970s. I dropped the membership in high school. I do believe in gun control, and Per your question, I don’t believe that one should be able to carry a concealed weapon in a state where it is not legal.

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