Thank you Edith

Edith Windsor 6/20/1929-9/12/2017

Edith is a hero of mine. Edith will be missed but never forgotten. It was her Supreme Court Case that struck down the Defense of Marriage act in 2013 thus causing the federal government to recognize my legal marriage in California from 2008.

I read that a quote of hers was “Don’t Postpone Joy”. I haven’t been able to personally verify this quote as hers, but I think it fitting.

Thank you Edith for helping humanity get just a little better one step at a time.

6 thoughts on “Thank you Edith

  1. I hang my head in shame to admit that when the name was announced on BBC news this morning it didn’t mean anything to me. But just for someone of her historical stature to get on the BBC news at her passing is itself illustrative of how far things have now progressed, thanks to the likes of this lady.

  2. We need an Edith in Australia. We are in the middle of a postal survey for marriage equality. It is being run by the National Bureau of Statistics. Politicians can decide not to act on the outcome.

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