5 thoughts on “Speaking out, speaking up

  1. GREAT CLIP! What annoys me the most is, if our community is not going to be accepted…. all LGBTQ…and we can’t be treated fairly with rights, respect and like any other human, we get excluded from military, groups, and can’t have the same right in total across the country, and are turned away from some business, or even fired…….why is outrmoney good enough to take when it comes to tax time???? Any minority for that matter????? I have never been more disgusted in our government before.

  2. The misogynistic, thrice married, serial adulterer allegedly running this country tweeted about banning transgendered people from the military. What this morally-corrupt liar doesn’t know is that the L, G, B, Q, A and any other letters have the T’s backs. We will fight this just like we have fought all of our other battles. We will protest. We will rally. We will vote. We will not be silent. Game on, bitch.

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