Don’t be distracted by what they are saying, watch what they are doing

Today while we were distracted by all the other flying bullshit…the justice department quietly filed an amicus brief in a federal U.S. Court of appeals stating that the 1964 civil rights act DOES NOT PROTECT LGBT citizens.

Read more HERE.

By taking this stance the Department of Justice is saying that LGBTQ can be descriminated against in housing, employment, healthcare and beyond. The DOJ is saying that I can be descriminated against simply because I don’t fuck the opposite sex, that essentially I do not have any civil rights.

They are going after ALL of us and all of our civil rights. They are doing it right now. They aren’t doing it tomorrow, they are doing it now.

First it was the Muslims, then the Mexican & Central Americans and the immigrants, now the Trans and all LGBT. Who’s next? Almost everyone is next. Unless YOU take a stand for justice now you, YES YOU, are either under fire now or you are next.

3 thoughts on “Don’t be distracted by what they are saying, watch what they are doing

  1. If I move to Nevada, that should be fun. I could buy a house with cash, and it’s an open carry state.

  2. If this country doesn’t fucking wake up soon, we are going to be living in hell. All I know is we better get damn good candidates all over the country and get the GOP out….they are going to kill this country. As soon as we make progress of any kind, it seems we then go four steps back. They are just pissy they loss so my battles before, so now this is a pay back? Grow up and stop your winning gop..

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