Happy Pride!

It’s officially Pride weekend in here in beautiful sunny San Diego California!

Given we live in a state with three major cities, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, Pride celebrations are spread out in order to allow celebrants the options to be able to celebrate more than once and not have to choose between. There are also celebrations on other weekends in various smaller, yet just as important, locations such as Long Beach and Palm Springs. Having our many California celebrations over numerous weekends also allows tourists from to catch a Pride celebration while traveling through California if they so desire.

My first ever Pride experience was in Seattle back in 1990. The city where I grew up didn’t have such a thing and my travels through east coast cities back in the 1980s never seemed to coincide with one. I haven’t missed a Pride since that first one in Seattle and my official relocation to the West coast.

For me Pride has so many more meanings that just being gay. Pride is love. Pride is joy. Pride is acceptance. Pride is understanding, forgiving, righteous, brotherhood, sisterhood, humanhood, sexuality, sexual identity, identity, political, non-political, peace, justice, black, white, brown, yellow, red, giving, gratitude, sharing, respect, service, caring…Pride is a place to just simply be yourself. Just be.

A tune from my dance floor days before that first ever Pride celebration surprised me on Sirius XM Studio 54 today. A tune that I had probably not heard since seeing Pamela Stanley perform it live during RSVP Cruise Lines 10th anniversary party in Puerto Vallarta back in 1996, which was probably about the 10th anniversary of the tune itself. A tune that seems perfectly appropriate to kick off another absolutely fabulous Pride 2017 weekend in lovely San Diego.

Happy Pride Y’all!


8 thoughts on “Happy Pride!

  1. The Pride for me is not being a gay man, but being a gay man living openly and proudly and fully out.
    Happy Pride!

    Our’s hits in September to avoid the Summer Swelters!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story! I still go to at least one every year, but it doesn’t always open. I too for many of the same reasons love Pride festivals. But what I most enjoy is the faces of the just out and first timers. You can always tell. I remember that face well. They are looking in awe and wonder, and relived to see just how many there are!!! Plus you can hear them screaming and squealing, over hot boys. It always makes me smile, and I wonder how there gay experience will go.

    And Pamela Stanley!!!!!! She performs quite often, weekly at times in Rehoboth Beach at the Blue Moon. She is great!

  3. It’ll have been over 10 years ago when one of our then leading politicians (a Conservative, wouldn’t ya know!) was asked what he thought of the (London) Pride celebrations. His immediate (and so original!) response was that they ought to be re-named ‘Shame’ – which illustrates precisely the reason why after centuries, even millenia, of that attitude they are now called as they are.

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