Summer childhood memories.

Punching holes in a metal lid for the glass relish jar that in which I would later imprison several unlucky ones.

Lightning bugs, as I called them, were always a summer highlight. Little did I realize the depth of their striking beauty.

We don’t have fireflies here in Southern California. While I do prefer my SoCal summer weather over the sweltering humidity of my native southeast, I sure do miss my mesmerizing little friends.

Whats one of your favorite summertime childhood memories?

…oh and Happy Summer Solstice 2017!

4 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. not many lightening bugs any more; used to see hundreds of them as a kid.

    popsicles, going to great auntie em’s house in sea isle NJ for a week, movie theaters, playing from dawn to dusk, summer cookouts.

  2. No fireflies inland.

    Summertime: longer days, playing baseball, drive in movies, getting the occasional tan

  3. Ominous rainstorms announcing their arrival with distant thunder, as the sky turns almost a dark green. Then the alarms would go off and Mother would make us go down the basement. But I wanted to stay at the window – outside if I could – and conduct the sky like an insane maestro asking the player to play ever louder.

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