My head is in a spin 🎶

My feet don’t touch the ground 🎵

Back in the day when I started hitting the local gay disco this tune was a staple. I couldn’t begin to fathom the amount of calories my tushy burned pulsing ’round the dance floor to this one. Fearsome was but a big-n-bushy Porn Star Mustache in those days.  Whew!… the memories!

Why I get the vapors just thinking about it.

My knees shake🎶

My heart beats like a drum🎵

It feels like, it feels like I’m in love!🎶

5 thoughts on “My head is in a spin 🎶

  1. Wonderful! In the world I inhabited back in 1980 I don’t recall this ever being played in discos – even though it got to #1 here (her only Top 20 record). Kelly Marie was a Scottish Lassie to whose records you turned your eyes up skywards as being ‘naff’ when other people were around, but once you were alone, curtains drawn, you’d be jigging to the sound in solitude. Still sounds good nearly 40 years on.

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