12 thoughts on “Beard of the day

  1. He did a wonderful Little Shop of Horrors concert version with Ellen Greene and this production of SIPG started off as a gala concert last year. He is remarkable on so many levels….

  2. By George, he’s got it! I think he’s got it!
    If I owned all of England I would pay it just to see Jakey in this show (assuming it comes to fruition). Pity, though, that in my opinion (and that of many others), the second half of ‘Sunday’ doesn’t really come up to the inspiration of the opening act. But I’d be paying to see Jakey in the flesh, who here is looking hotter than ever – and that alone is really saying something!

    • Raybeard it has come very much to fruition and has opened to great reviews and plays until sometime in April I believe. That second act has always been a problem but according to a few people I know who have seen it and the NYTimes reviewer have felt that finally it seems to work.

      • Thanks, W. Looks like it’s (another) one that’s simply going to be on my ‘If Only’ list. Th attraction of seeing that second act actually being as good, or even nearly as good, as the first would be an undoubted bonus.

  3. Saw this show in ’84 with Peters and Patinkin…. Finishing the Hat…who ever thought Jake could sing Sondheim so well!

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