Ready Beard

So now they wanna fuck with trans children?


As a society we are to force a child that is born into a body that doesn’t match the child’s gender, a child that already feels different, a child that is more often than not outcast from said child’s peers to have to fucking pee in the bathroom of the sex that doesn’t match the very person the child actually is?

Fearsome in his new Pussy Hat

Fearsome in his new Pussy Hat

A very dear friend, whom I simply adore, made Fearsome his very own Pussy Hat. It arrived yesterday and couldn’t have been more timely. Fearsome is protest ready.

As a child I used to pee before leaving home to go to school. I would not pee again until I got home after school. I often held it for more than 8 hours. I lived in fear of the bullying I received daily for being different. I was effeminate and perceived by the boys in my school as being weak. I was the safe one who they could pick on, taunt and beat up to prove their masculinity to one another. They didn’t fear the queer boy as being able to hurt them back. All this and my body matched my identity. I identified as male, albeit an effeminate one. I can’t imagine the torment of the body not matching my actual self and being subject to the cruelty of immature insecure school age peers.

It’s time to stand up for those who are being shut out. It’s time to stand up for children. It’s time to stand up for what is right. It’s time to stand up for ourselves. It’s time to stand up before it’s too late. We didn’t come this far to go backward.

Not enough?

Not any longer.

We came this far to love enough. We came this far to care enough.

Join us.

8 thoughts on “Ready Beard

  1. I too posted that clip of Ginger and the girls some time back. It’s an incredible clip, well done, meaningful and fits. I have had just about all I can stand from these bigoted bastards, starting with that piece of filth Besty de Voss. She needs to sit her ass down.

  2. Every day our new morally corrupt administration changes policy which will only negatively affect our lives, our country and the environment. The good thing is the people are resisting. Representatives are getting an earful at town halls. Some, like Bitch McConnell, are afraid to face their constituents. I’m reminded of the scene from the movie Network, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Resist!

  3. That hat looks great on you. I wish I had one.

    I’m also beyond pissed off at the Trump administration, but at the same time I’m not surprised. When he was elected, I knew this would happen sooner or later. Too bad that little bitch Duncan Hunter won’t do a town hall. They had a decent sized protest at the corner of Magnolia and West Bradley here in El Cajon this evening. If I had known about it, I would have joined.


  4. I, too, shared the same issues while growing up. Mine was, however, the part of entering the school building each day. There were several boys – about a year older than me, who would wait for me like vultures. As soon as I entered the door of the school the taunting and name calling would begin. I taught myself to look straight ahead and ignore them. I heard them though. It scared me and it hurt. This lasted until I was about a senior in high school. Finally those older boys had left and I was free for one year. It was hard. I heard snickers and jeers when I would perform at band concerts or do choir shows. I loved the arts and still do but that was where I had to really try to block it out. You can’t ignore it all the time, however. No one should EVER have to live like that. Not EVER. Thank you for caring about this to post this.

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