Favorite moments

I’ll never forget the first time I saw this film, Fearsome would never let me. He was but a close cropped goatee at the time but none the less he has always loved good cinema.

This scene is classic.

It is fun to see how those with high opinions of themselves react to truth is it not?

6 thoughts on “Favorite moments

  1. Ooooh! Scratch yer eyes out! (I’ve only seen the film once since it was released. High time for a second peep, methinks).
    Sounds to me like Fearsome is getting too big for his….er….boots. Needs to be shown who’s boss. Can always close his eyes and plug his ears if he doesn’t approve.
    Btw: If W.Q. plays this clip, she’ll need to stop it at around 2 mins.

      • Every discerning person save one (that one being W.Q. herself) worships ABBA, F.B. In fact she is the sole person on earth whom I’ll forgive for not appreciating the greatest pop group ever – well, after the Beatles, naturally. 😉

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