Movie Beard…Double Feature!

Hollywood makes many films of many genres, storylines, subjects and styles because all of us have different taste, likes and attractions.

Why? Why do they? Why do I make this statement? Because not all films that you like, will I like and vice versa.

First up:

A lot of people seem to like a film by the name of Manchester by the Sea.

Fearsome and I? We didn’t.

After watching this film the word that first comes to our mind is ‘Tedious’.

Manchester by the Sea is a tedious film that moves slowly, relies heavily on camera angles/lighting, has flat characters, and left us feeling like “What’s the point?” We kept waiting for an epiphany, change or something to happen but it doesn’t. Just doesn’t.

We understand that apparently The Academy and possibly many of you reading this may have a different opinion. That’s ok. We all have different taste and this flick simply wasn’t  our cup of tea. Thus we give Manchester by the Sea two mustache tips down.

Up next:

Other than it starring Meryl Streep, we hadn’t heard much about a flick named Florence Foster Jenkins.

We adored this little diddy. Both Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant seem to thoroughly enjoy their roles. We thouroughly enjoyed watching them. The story is fun and quirky. The film well done. The pace is fast and enjoyable. The characters grow and mature. Overall just good entertainment.

Love, courage, laughter, care, hope, warmth and a true story of eccentricity all rolled together into a couple hours of fun. We give this film two mustache tips up. It truly is our cup of tea.

Which one is your cup of tea? Inquiring beards are always interested to know.


8 thoughts on “Movie Beard…Double Feature!

  1. Can I say both?
    I think you have to be in the right frame of mind for Manchester but I did enjoy both the story and the acting. I’m a huge Michelle Williams fan.

    We saw FFJ last fall and loved it but then … Meryl. That’s all I need. I mean, I even liked Ricki and the Flash!

  2. I’ve just seen and responded to your comments on my own blog, F.B. It’s rather alarmed me to notice that, despite the fact that between these two films I’d far rather watch F.F.J. again, I actually gave a higher rating to ‘Manchester’.Just goes to show what a volatile and unreliable business this film reviewing is! 🙂

  3. Haven’t seen Manchester but FFJ is a great deal of fun – Grant gives such a lovely performance and the dynamic between them is incredible. Streep catches the spirit of FFJ – if you look at old news reels you get the feeling that the lady knew she wasn’t good but she was having the time of her life. From the trailer and what I’ve heard I think you have to be in the right frame of mind for Manchester.

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