Mom turns 85 this week. Mom is recovering well from the mild stroke she had back in early December. I’m flying out Tuesday to visit mom to celebrate her birthday this week. I got her a gift from my local Apple Store.

Apple Watch Sport and a Milanese loop magnetic band.

Apple Watch Sport and a Milanese loop magnetic band.

Mom lives alone. Mom occasionally falls. Mom wants to remain in the house she and dad purchased in 1957. Mom cherishes her independence. Mom needs some type of device to call for help just in case.

I’ve researched the Life Alert buttons, the call center monitors and the like. All of them scream you are old and you have to now wear this horrible looking button around your neck. Plus you must now have an ugly two way monitoring station connected to some call center in your home with a monthly fee. And, oh by the way, don’t venture out of range of this station unless someone is with you. Stay Put! Wear This House Arrest Button …FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY DAMMIT!

Enter Apple products. Mom already has an iPhone, an iPad and has WiFi in her house. If her phone is with her she is covered …such as when she leaves the house. However she doesn’t carry the iPhone with her in the house. Last summer Apple added an SOS feature to the Apple Watch OS. By giving her this new watch I will put a life alert system right on her wrist. One that she can even wear in the shower.

The Apple Watch features a new SOS alert that you can activate from the screen that will call 911 first and then start calling the contacts you have in your iPhone’s emergency contact list automatically. What if she falls and can’t activate the screen you ask? Apple’s SIRI has that covered as well. The Apple Watch responds to the “Hey Siri” command and will call 911, my brother, myself or whoever she chooses simply with her verbal command right from her wrist. Her phone doesn’t have to be with her as it will use the WiFi in her house. If she is out her phone is in her purse and she can still use the  Apple Watch as it will then call through the phone.

Was it inexpensive? No.

Was it reasonable for what it will do? Hell yes.

Was it a bargain in order to have mom wearing a stylish hip happening piece of technology on her wrist that doesn’t scream “I am old and my son makes me wear this help I’ve fallen and can’t get up button”? Big hell fucking yes!


Knowing this information, what do I want for Christmas next year? An Apple Watch. You don’t have to be 85 to fall and not be able to get up.


11 thoughts on “Mom

  1. I hope she has a Happy Birthday! I guess we’re not on for coffee during my vacation this week, but that’s fine. LOL!

    Have a safe trip, and hopefully the weather is better where she’s at compared to what we’ve had this past week.

  2. How wonderful. I visited a friend my age in Florida who has seizures from an inoperable brain tumor. Her kids are trying to convince her to wear a life alert system, I am sure she would much sooner wear an apple watch. I am sending the text message now.

    • The SOS is a feature, not an app. The big thing for me was the “Hey Siri” that caps it off as a voice command to call 911 or anyone you choose. You do have to have an iPhone as well as the watch for it to work and one has to be on a carrier that enables WiFi calling.

      • Thanks, Kim was able to get this set up, she already had an apple watch. I feel much better knowing that if she falls and gets hurt, she will be able to call for help.

  3. First Happiest of Birthday’s to your mom. And she’s has a good and thoughtful son there.

    I only wish that had been around when my mother needed an alert system. You are right about the old style lanyard around the neck. She was 93 and living in her own apartment (I was living 700 kms away) and she hated wearing it because if she hit it by mistake “they’d think she was a stupid old woman.” As a result she wasn’t wearing it when she fell and lay on the floor until she crawled to the floor and called her 87 year old brother.

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