Travelous interrupterous

So I land in Dulles for a short layover on way to Ft. Lauderdale. When I turn my phone on it explodes with texts asking if I am ok. It seems that this happened…

5 dead and 8 injured at Delta baggage claim in Ft. Lauderdale airport.

5 dead and 8 injured at Delta baggage claim in Ft. Lauderdale airport.

I should have already boarded my plane to fly there. However the plane that I fly there on is sitting on the tarmac there, full of passengers coming here, waiting to take off. The FTL airport is still closed so who knows when it will take off and when I will get to board it to head there.

While I am having the minor inconvenience of travelous interrupertous (my how spell check hates me when I make up my own words) there are families and friends grieving the loss of the five Delta passengers who died at the hands of a crazy man and eight others injured in the hospital. I pray for them. Yes I do pray.

It seems that the gunman had just flown in on a Delta flight, picked up his bag from the luggage carousel, retrieved the gun from his checked bag and opened fire. Seriously. Crazy lives amoung us. Sorry folks but that is horrible. Innocent travelers possibly on their way to a vacation of their dreams, coming home, visiting friends & family, working on a business trip, returning from a deployment overseas or maybe even going on a honeymoon …dead at the luggage carousel because some crazy asshole fucker had a gun in his checked bag.

A fucking gun in a fucking checked bag on a fucking airplane.

Soapbox. Yep I stepped on it.

Now I’ll get back off of it.

So several hours late or maybe tomorrow morning I will finally arrive at my destination of Ft. Lauderdale Florida, my second home. I will stand at a luggage carousel waiting for my bag. I will shed tears. I will remember poor souls I never met. I’ll pray for the loved ones in mourning. I’ll feel gratitude that I was not there at that moment. I will be grateful I was spared and had the minor inconvenience of having to wait here at the United Club outside of Washington DC at the Dulles airport.

Tell your loved ones you love them. Tell them now, and tell them often. Stop smell the roses, take time, value the important things and never ever forget the blessing that is this very moment.

12 thoughts on “Travelous interrupterous

    • The Canadian Embassy is reporting that the gunman was not a Canadian nor did he arrive on a flight from Canada. He apparently flew from Alaska to Minneapolis and then on to Florida.

      But you’re right — Canadian airlines do not generally allow any firearms in a flight’s baggage except under strict conditions.

      • Updátes:
        Yeah for some reason CNN or one or all of those 24 hour news outlets was saying the gunman was Canadian. That one I couldn’t figure out…he would have had to clear customs somewhere. My friends in Ft Lauderdale all confirm the news there say he was from Alaska.
        Me? Where am I? I’m safe in my room at the Dulles Airport Marriott and I fly out on the first United nonstop to Ft Lauderdale in the morning. All United flights ended up cancelled into and out of Ft Lauderdale. That United club membership always ends up paying for itself and this year on the first flight of the year. The club concierge took care of all my flight details, no lines, no fuss, no calls, no muss. Done. First flight out and still in first class. Others I ran into leaving airport were still trying to secure a new flight and didn’t know when they would get there.

  1. I’m glad you’re okay. I was not aware you were traveling today. I also liked because you’re safe and sound. I hope the rest of your travels are safe, too.

  2. Everything happens for a reason…..thank goodness your weren’t their when it happened. Makes one leery to travel, but I still will. We shouldn’t have to accept this as daily life…..but looks like we are heading to the terror daily life like that of the Middle East. Remember when air flight and train travel was fashionable…………

  3. I’m glad you’re okay. All of us need to get on our soapboxes and demand gun control in this country. These shootings are becoming the, and not, the exception. Did I just get on the soapbox?

  4. I think the important thing is to NOT get off of your soapbox. Bc some asshole tried to blow up a plane w a bomb in his shoes we take them all off. So fucking don’t allow guns on planes…..whether in checked baggage or not. It was simple enough for the shoe-bomber aftermath……oh and for the record, Richard Reid killed NO ONE.

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