Believe in magic? Yup, sure do.

Driving in traffic for a few last minute items on December 24, I became so overwhelmed at the beauty of it all that Fearsome had to come to my rescue by absorbing the tears of joy that were blurring my vision.

Life is magic.

The movement, interactions, energy, chaos, order and existence of it all.

I find that if I get out of myself, or simply get out of selfishness, I can just be in the moment. Being in the moment I can appreciate, enjoy, observe, discover, share, give, contribute and experience.

Life is diverse. Life is wonderment. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and it can be, even in holiday traffic.

Life is magic.

What makes it all work? How did we get here? What’s going to happen? What is the purpose? These questions can perplex us, stress us and confuse us. Or, if these questions pop into my head, I can choose to wonder about them with amazement, excitement and anticipation of the wonderful miracles that lie ahead.

Yeah there has been shit in my life. There has been some shit in all of our lives. However in my life there has been, continues to be and will be a lot more good than bad. In fact sometimes what seems to be bad in the moment turns out to be fabulous in the end.

Just walk through it, walk through all of it and look for good. When I do that, I find good and sometimes I find great. I just have to keep walking through it and avoid the temptation to avoid.

Life, it truly is magic.

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