Mom, Winter Solstice and More Tradition

A friend and reader text me earlier to check on mom. He nudged me since I hadn’t written. Mom is doing ok. I say ok because while her drive, outlook and spirit are very much all going for her, her body is becoming frail. As long as her blood pressure can be controlled she shouldn’t have any more small strokes. She will recover in a couple months from the small ones she had. Her health checks out good otherwise but she is dizzy, unsteady and tires easily right now.

Her 85th birthday is in late January and I have already booked the trip out to be there. We are installing a chair lift for her staircase, getting her an “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” button and changing a few things to make life alone in the house she purchased in 1957 a bit safer. She wants to work, she wants to live alone in her house, she wants to drive and she is determined.

I realize her days are limited, as does she. However she has enough means to bring in some help if she needs it. As her son it’s my job to keep an eye out, advise her strongly if necessary and help her achieve her goals for enjoying what time she does have. I’ve asked her if she would move here as I have a first floor bedroom suite she can move into, she says maybe one day.


Happy Solstice to All Y’all! …(pleural for y’all)

On this the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, I am reminded that tomorrow really will be a new day. Tomorrow starts the new cycle. The sun will begin its return. The world will turn yet again. I am given hope. I realize that all of life is a cycle. It is simply the pattern to which we are born. The earth revolves, seasons revolve, our solar system revolves, all life including all plants and animals cycle and all have a time and a place. The universe is one big revolving circle and I am blessed to be a part of it.

The fulfillment of my life has to simply be to do my best to leave here having left something good behind. Nothing is too big or too small, it just has to be good. Just do good, give good, share good and leave good.

My grove of traditional trees from my childhood.

My grove of traditional trees from my childhood.

This years Xmas dinner of chosen family at our home is themed “Coming Home”. Last year we weren’t here for our chosen family’s traditional Christmas dinner gathering as we went to be with my mom due to my father’s passing. This year we are back to our home in San Diego. Therefore given the theme all gifts for the white elephant gift exchange are to be from small neighborhood businesses. I chose two natural open growth Nobel Fir trees from our neighborhood nursery to decorate in a style that we fifty somethings remember from the 1960s. They are complete with tinsel icicles and not a single LED light. Yup the 1960s weren’t exactly environmentally friendly. No worries though as I will recycle the trees after properly disposing of the tinsel and the incandescent lights are powered by my solar power system.

One other seasonal tradition of ours I will leave you with on this winter solstice day is Author Feidler and The Boston Pops rendition of Sleigh Ride.

It’s officially winter …Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Mom, Winter Solstice and More Tradition

  1. Beautiful post and a beautiful son you are. I love your trees. Even thought I’m in my thirties, I remember my grandmothers tree looking like that, and glad you embrace the vintage. I WAS NO BORN IN THE WRONG time.

    • I have LED outside and the incandescent lights inside and the difference is startling. But outside they give the feeling of winter (here in SoCal one must create cold) and then inside it looks warm through the window.

  2. I admire your mother’s determination. I wanna have that outlook when I reach her age. thank you for the update.

    I have LEDs on my 40 year old fake tree (my old light strands quit forever last year). but I remember those real trees/tinsel strands/bubble lights from the 60s.

  3. I love those trees. I’ve always had the fake ones, some of which could have passed for the one Charlie Brown had. I miss the older lights, but I’ve gotten used to the newer ones and don’t mind them.

    I love your mom’s determination. My dad is showing the same, but in his case he’s further along his journey. I think today is the “family meeting” day for my father, but I’m going to be at work and unable to attend. I hope my sister has the common sense to install a chair lift on the staircase if he’s allowed to go home. If she doesn’t then I will instill my will to get it done.

  4. Thanks for the update on Mom, and for helping her do what she wants to do. We all want to “do it our way.” Pretty trees, I went back to old lights on the tree this year.

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