Off to mom’s house…soon

Conflicting information.

Mom tells us she’s ok. Yet her voice says different.

CT scan says one thing, MRI shows a variation yet confirms it’s not bad.

A blood test needs to be redrawn as it’s inconclusive. A needed heart echo has yet be performed.

Doctors will not talk to children without written permission and she must go there to give the written permission but shouldn’t drive.

I was supposed to be at the airport right now boarding my flight to get there. I sit in my family room at home writing instead. Alas there is a winter storm hitting Chicago and O’Hare is closed, all United flights are cancelled through Chicago. ALL.

Rescheduled Plans have me leaving tomorrow morning through Dulles to get home. Any flight today will be so re-routed that I end up flying through several cities and turn into a red eye thus I wouldn’t get there until Monday anyway.

I will get more work done. I will get more of my life in order as I wait. I will get there tomorrow. Patience is a virtue.


11 thoughts on “Off to mom’s house…soon

  1. Man oh man. 2016 has been such a tough year for so many people, including you. I hope the weather cooperates and I hope this trip goes okay.

  2. I hope you have a safe trip and everything will turn out okay. And hopefully you won’t get rerouted too much on your way over there.

  3. Have a safe trip, there is nothing like being there, talking, asking questions. I just returned from Florida, two hospice patients in the house at once. There isn’t anything I can do, but I am so glad I went.

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