Angels Amoung Us

So I’m listening to a podcast this  morning, Ru Paul: “What’s the Tee” with Michelle Visage, when I was suddenly contemplating Angels. Michelle stimulated that contemplation with her mention of her belief in Angels.

Do Angels live amoung us? I believe so.

I believe that the spark that is life which resides within us is divine. I believe that spark is magical for it gives us life. This spark is energy and consciousness. I believe that the spark is from something greater than myself. The universe is greater than me. I didn’t create the earth, the oceans, the tides, the sun or life itself. I am of the earth, the oceans, the tides, the sun and of life. I am not the universe but am of the universe.

Angels are magical. Angels are good. Angels give. Angels save. Angels help.

Is it possible that fellow beings are possibly Angels? Is it possible that you and I could be Angels for others?  Or even each other?

I know that when I needed help, guidance or an uplift that somehow got it. I got it when I was vulnerable, honest and asked. Help arrived somehow or someway and someone or something was there and I made it through. I gained strength or ability or insight or stamina to get through.

As I drift off to sleep tonight I will contemplate the blessings of my life that I can’t explain. I’ll contemplate whether maybe a few Angels have helped me along the path that is my life. I will choose to be grateful for each one.

Upon awaking in the morning I may contemplate where I may have been an Angel in the life of another. I will ask myself how I might be an Angel to someone I know right now or may meet as I move through the journey that is my path.

I know for sure that all my dogs throughout my life have been  Angles to me. I hope that I was an Angel for each of them as well.

What about you? Who has been and Angel to you?  Who might you be an Angel for?


4 thoughts on “Angels Amoung Us

  1. I’d so like to believe in angels, as I did when a child and told they were omnipresent right here and now by parents and teachers (nuns and priests). However and alas……..But acting the part of being an ‘angel’ to ones pets is nice.

  2. I remember a sunday school teacher telling us we should always be kind to beggars as they could be angels in disguise who will testify on the day of judgment how nice were we to our fellow men.

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