Small Stroke

A warning.

I knew when I talked to mom Thursday after arriving in Ft Lauderdale that something wasn’t right. I know her voice. She kept saying she was tired, that’s all just tired.

I had thought to myself “call her Friday”, just check.

Life gets busy, I get distracted, I didn’t call.

Small stroke on CT scan. Occurred most likely a few days ago, maybe last Friday….or Thursday…

Shes home. She’s ok. Not threatening. No real visible effects, just a change in speech pattern and she’s says her handwriting isn’t as big as it should be.

MRI and two different heart tests scheduled over the next couple days. Check further, make sure there’s nothing more.

I fly to San Diego today. Once there I can decide what days it would be best to burn up a few frequent flying miles I’ve been hoarding.

I’m grateful I have more than a half million frequent flyer miles to burn as needed. I’m grateful she’s ok right now. I’m grateful I know her voice, her speech pattern all to well. I’m grateful her doctor was on it right away. I’m grateful my brother was there to take her. I’m grateful that her co-workers noticed the change in her speech yesterday morning when she arrived at work. I’m grateful she’s such a go getter that she went to work yesterday even though we told her not to. I’m grateful to have learned the lesson to go with my first instinct when something is amiss and not let the “I’m tired” excuse stick. I’m grateful to have the blessing that is my mom.

She will be ok.


14 thoughts on “Small Stroke

  1. Years back, my mother left a message on my answering machine that my father had taken a fall from a ladder. She said she was taking him to the hospital and that there was “Nothing to worry about right now.”

    So I thought I’d wait for her call. Then i listened to the message again and what she said was, there’s “Nothing to worry about right ….. now.”

    That little pause scared the bejesus outta me and I was off and running to the hospital–2+ hours away.

    Long story short: it was a bad fall, cracked skull, brain injury, though it all turned out fine.

    I learned then to listen for the pause because sometimes it’s in the silence that the truth is heard.

    Sending all kinds of good thoughts for your Mom’s recovery!–

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you and her family. I’m glad she’s going to be fine, and I’m even more glad she got to the hospital.

  3. There’s that sense and I’m glad you have it. The friend that called 911 on Election Day didn’t like the tone of my voice in a 15 sec call. Now after losing all of November it’s time to move forward and regain my strength with a lot of uncertainty

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