Mom isn’t quite five feet tall. She’s a petite woman who can’t be missed. She might be small, her presence is large.

No she isn’t loud, boisterous or obnoxious. She’s actually quiet, courteous and plesant.

Mom is a go getter. Mom gets things done. Mom is 84. Mom works three days a week. Mom has never yet retired, just cut back. Mom has worked for the same employer since 1960. Mom believes in having a positive outlook. Mom gives. Mom gives freely to everyone around her with no expectations. Mom inspires.

I flew into Ft Lauderdale last Thursday. I called mom after landing. Mom didn’t sound good. She said she was tired. I got busy with vacation, friends and the properties down here. I didn’t talk to mom again until Sunday. Mom didn’t sound herself, she said she was tired. Still tired? That’s not mom.

I called my brother who had seen her after church. He said mom didn’t seem right. I called The Better Half in California. The Better Half called mom. He said she didn’t sound herself. He is a physician. He told her she must go see her doctor. I called my brother. He’s going to take her as soon as she can get an appointment.

Mom is a go getter. Mom is positive. Mom always does well.

I hope mom is ok.



9 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Yes, please have someone take her to a doctor ASAP. My father is 88 and he is not well at all. The worst part is, he won’t tell me what’s wrong with him even though I can tell from his body he’s got a host of health problems to deal with.

    I hope it’s only something minor and she’ll be well soon.

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