First Place

God Sons grow up.

The older God Son is now a sophomore at Cal Poly and is currently spending a semester outside Madrid. The younger is a junior in high school and busy performing with his dance troupe.

Both excel at what they do and are proof that hard work pays off. Hard work on their parts as well as the hard work of their parents. Being part of their lives has been one of my greatest blessings.

Winning first place takes work. Long hours of hard, yet enjoyable work. God Son, the younger, along with the other hard working members of his dance troupe just did exactly that. They worked hard at something they love and their passion paid off.

Future Shock San Diego took first place in their category at Maxt Out 2016 in Los Angeles. (unfortunately the video owner makes you click all the way through to YouTube to watch but it’s worth it)

I’m not even going to begin trying to pick him out for you …but if I tried your may first spot him clearly as the single one pop to standing up in the middle at 0.21. No real need to try to spot him as the precision of these kids is amazing. Each and everyone a winner.

These kids have passion. These kids work hard. These kids respect each other. These kids are a team. These kids are now young adults. Young adults whom can work together like this inspire me and give me hope.

Fearsome is one of many adjectives that applies.

Hard work is fearsome.


6 thoughts on “First Place

    • ^^ when you click play (and it gives you the error message) you will notice the YouTube icon on the bottom right. Click on the YouTube icon and it will take you out of FB’s blog and into YouTube itself and it should work then.

      ~ F

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