New friends

Blogging allows us to interact not only with the blogger of the blog we are reading but with others in the comments. For many years I just read and commented on occasion. I met others in those comments and if they blogged I found their blogs. Relationships developed via this here internet thingy.

Eventually I met a blogger in person. He turned out to be a jolly good fellow who was well over four feet. We have met up again multiple times since and even talk on the phone on occasion. Our relationship has grown and I now consider him a good friend on which I can depend and never worry.

I got quite chummy with another commenter on his blog, and she eventually started her own. I met up with her once when I was in her fair city and had a second meeting planned when my father passed unexpectedly and I had to cancel. She was there for me on the phone in my moment of need as I was alone in her fair city. She is a beautiful woman whom I’ve grown to adore and she is just over four feet. She is a friend on whom I can depend and never worry.

When traveling in Washington DC I had the treat of a meet up at this Blogger’s workplace and received a private tour of a few of the exhibits followed by coffee and laughter. He doesn’t seem to blog these days, but I can assure you he is very much over four feet and proved himself to be a tour guide on which you can depend and never worry.

Another blogger I’ve followed for years has become a friend via phone and E mail over the years. I hope to meet him in person one day. I’ve heard he may be  over four feet and I know through experience and a mutual friend he is someone on which I can depend and never worry.

Recently in the last forementioned bloggers comments I clicked over onto this blog from a comment which I resonated. I read a few posts and rather enjoyed myself there. I left a comment and then found comments on my blog. Our humor seemed similar. This certain blogger lives in my fair city. I reached out and suggested coffee. The invitation was graciously accepted and yesterday we met up for the first time . Talk, laugh and share we did. I made a new friend who is well over four feet and I’m betting will prove dependable on which to never worry.

Mesuggah Shack San Diego CA

Mesuggah Shack San Diego CA

A new friend was made yesterday at Messugah Shack in San Diego where everyone is welcome. Fearsome & I look forward to future meet ups with this new friend, bloggers we have met and many bloggers we have yet to meet. It’s a beautiful world and sometimes we just have to get out in it to fully appreciate that fact.

Get out there!

8 thoughts on “New friends

  1. you lucky guy, meeting up with the ravager! 🙂
    when you visit philly next, you, me, and mistress maddie gotta have some fun.
    maddie is just over four feet also, as is sassybear.
    maddie, sassybear, and I could be triplets in the height dept. (read: vertically challenged)

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a handful of bloggers in person (a few you mentioned) and have without fail found them all to be as they represent themselves online. I would consider most of them real “friends” with whom I look forward to spending time again.

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