The gift of community


The best way to support the community you live in is to get out in it and spend your hard earned money right there where you live. Those small store fronts which are the livelihood of many of your community’s members are what makes yor community unique. They make it the place you call home.

I know you are now thinking “What the “F” are you saying Fearsome? You just posted a pic of yourself in front of Home Depot on Black Friday.”

Around here we do get out early on Black Friday as a tradition and hit Home Depot. I give poinsettias to many of my immediate neighbors each year. The poinsettias are always big beautiful 6″ ones that are locally grown right here in San Diego at 99 cents each. We usually will pick up a few other tools or seasonal items as well.

We are kicking off the season the way we always do by getting out in it, spending a buck or two and sharing some smiles.

The Christmas tree is already in the living room and will be decorated this weekend. It is a natural Noble Fir from the local nursery just a few blocks away. Our chosen family Christmas theme this year is “Coming Home” and all gifts are to come from local community small businesses.


We live in a global community made up of small communities. Some of life’s conveniences and necessities will come from big worldly distributors. Many others can and will come from small store fronts of our community. Today is the day to get into our communities and discover just how much we have right here where we live.

Our local business district

Our local business district



6 thoughts on “The gift of community

  1. While I wont be decorating just yet. I will always shop my local stores first. The only time I go to a big retailer is if I can’t find what I’m looking for and some of my clothing. Where I live almost all the stores and restaurants are locally owned which is nice.

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