One Hundred Thousand


Sometime this past week we surpassed 100,000 page views here on Fearsome’s funny little blog thingy. We are humbled.

Blogging has proven to be quite enjoyable.

Many motivators, advisors, counselors and teachers during the experience that is my life have advised that journaling is a wonderful way for one to get themselves to the next level and then the next. I’d buy a journal, write a couple entries and then forget it. I actually found one of those old journals when cleaning my desk a few days ago. It was from 2005 and had exactly three entries in it.

Blogging has proven to be something I do daily. Sometimes it’s just a post of a beard pic, but I posted. I took the time to choose a beard that fit my mood and posted it. Many days I post a beard and a written post, or quote, or video, or even music to fit my mood, feelings, thoughts or motivation. I’ve gotten to know myself better. I’ve shared, opened, grown, learned, expressed, laughed, cried and loved. I’ve made friends.

More than 100,000 page views, just over 1,550 posts and some 32,000 visitors in just 2 1/2 years of self growth. I think I’ll keep on with this here blog thingy and Fearsome thinks he’s going to stick around too. We love having all y’all along on our journey. We are honored to be with you on yours as well.

Thank you! Yes…Thanks for clicking on Fearsome Beard, may your week be a wonderful one full of happiness, love, laughter and gratitude!


10 thoughts on “One Hundred Thousand

  1. Congratulations on the numbers. I think sometimes we never know how we can touch someone, or someone will move us. The last time I looked I was at almost 2 million page views. Who knew so many love this non sense! Cheers darling!💋💋💋

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