One step at a time

One foot in front of the other.

So yesterday, much to Fearsome’s embarrassment, I purged. I purged all over this here blog thingy. Yep just spewed negative vitrol as if I was a sorority pledge after her first frat party who was lucky enough her closest friend was there to hold her hair back.

Thanks to all y’all for being that close friend.

Fearsome is proud of me for the few lines of wisdom that closed that post:

“I must remember that I am the only one who chooses my thoughts, perceptions and reactions. I am the only one in control of my beliefs. I am shaped by my thoughts, perceptions and reactions which in turn help me define my beliefs. What I think right now, can and will become my tomorrow. The only way to change tomorrow is to change my thoughts today. My thoughts really do become reality.”

After my purge I took a step. I put a DVD in of a favorite motivational film. I meditated. I went to a meeting. I talked, laughed, shared and smiled. I felt better.

Today the next foot takes a step forward. I already see the sunshine outside. I can tell it’s going to be a beautiful day.

Today needs a soundtrack. I know just the tune. It’s one from my childhood. It makes me smile.

7 thoughts on “One step at a time

  1. Occasionally, we all need to let it out, to expel all of the bottled up. This is a safe place to do it. Beats a bar fight 🙂 . My father use to go spin airplanes when he needed to let it all out and catch a new perspective on life – he took me along for the ride a couple of times.

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