Firsts in 2016

Fearsome is a liberal Beard. He leans left, way left. Although the first he was ultimately hoping for didn’t happen, he is heartened with the following firsts from 2016:

1) Nevada elected Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, the nation’s  first Latina Senator, to replace outgoing minority leader Democrat Senator Harry Reid.

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

2) Illinios elected Democrat Tammy Duckworth, the nation’s first disabled woman Senator, defeating incumbent Republican Senator Mark Kirk.

Disabled Veteran and US Senator Tammy Duckworth

Veteran & US Senator Tammy Duckworth

3) Oregon elected Kate Brown as the nations first ever elected openly out LGBT governor.

Kate Brown

Governor Kate Brown

4) California elected Democrat Kamala Harris as the first freshman Senator from the state in 24 years and the state’s first black Senator. She becomes the second ever black woman Senator and replaces outgoing Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer.

Attorney General Kamala Harris speaks at a news conference regarding criminal and civil responses to mortgage fraud in Los Angeles Monday, May 23, 2011 State Attorney General Kamala Harris said the new Mortgage Fraud Strike Force includes a team of 17 lawyers and eight special agents from the state Department of Justice. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Senator Kamala Harris

5) Minnesota elected the first ever Somali-American member of congress as they selected Democrat Ilhan Omar to a house seat when she won with more than 80% of the vote to represent her district.

Ilhan Omar

Representative Ilhan Omar

These little tid bits of good news brightened our day. If your leanings are similar to ours, hopefully they brightened yours a little as well.


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