Is it a four letter word that is profane? Or is it a four letter word of Hope? Of Purpose? Of Character? Of Passion?

Google defines it as:img_2147

While it has a noble definition look at some of those synonyms, no wonder the word has a reputation thats leans negative. One thing I’ve learned in my life is I am in control of how I react and feel. So I choose to look further, and when I do I find these synonyms:

noun: effort, industry, service, elbow grease, employment, post, occupation, career, vocation, deeds, acts, actions, handiwork, composition, piece, creation, output.

verb: engage, labor, exert, sweat, earn, do, cultivate, function, go, run, operate, behave, use, handle, control, succeed, accomplish, achieve, produce, create, excite, drive, move, rouse.

Faced with circumstances out of my personal control that with which I find myself disappointed, confused, fearful or even angry, I have choices to make as to how I react. I can withdraw and become complacent. I can get angry and ruminate. I can resist and fight. I can work and find purpose.

Without purpose life often becomes dull. Without purpose passion is hard to find. Without purpose life fulfillment is elusive. Without purpose one can become lost.

Don’t get me wrong, fighting usually has a purpose, and it has a place …but is it always the best use of energy? Something I am finding as I mature is that if I resist something I tend to get more of it and expend unnecessary energy. If I work toward what I desire, instead of fighting what I don’t desire, I get more of what I want and I’ve used my energy in a more fulfilling and uplifting way.

Life, it sometimes gives me a lemon. I can throw that lemon back and start a fight or I can learn, become inspired and get to work. Work is lemonade to my soul as it gives me purpose. I may not always want the work that lemon brought me, but without it I languish.

(Giving credit …because credit definitely is due, I owe my inspiration for this post to this blogger.)


4 thoughts on “Work

  1. This is great! It’s very important to have passion and work for something, it gives your life meaning and fills it with wonderful positive vibes! I love your blog, I can’t wait to read more from you. I would appreciate it, if you’d check my blog out. Thanks!

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