Mesuggah Shack

Mesuggah Shack is my local coffee shop. It’s just a kiosk on the corner across from my office. To my understanding Mesuggah is Yiddish for crazy …crazy in the good funny witty way.

Yesterday afternoon the owner of Mesuggah Shack wrapped his wonderful little coffee shop with this meaningful banner filled with words of welcome.

Mesuggah Shack San Diego CA

Mesuggah Shack San Diego CA

I bought an extra cup of coffee today.

10 thoughts on “Mesuggah Shack

  1. I like doing business with people who are nice. For me it is the hot dog cart across from my office where I get my daily Coke-Zero fix, run by a refugee from the middle east – he treats everyone with great respect and earns a living in a place that offered him safety from his war torn country. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free”

  2. This is great! I usually don’t do coffee outside of my place, but I might have to make an exception thanks to this banner. We need more of this.

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