Reflections on disheartenment and respect

I am part of humanity.

I must remember that humanity has many different beliefs, experiences and values.

I must understand that pendulums swing, the world turns and tides change. Then change back again.

I must remain open yet hold onto what values I have, and cherish that I am able to take small steps practicing, expressing and sharing those values.

I must share good, encouragement and respect helping others to the best of my ability.  My hand will be out to help those less fortunate. My ears will be open to listen and understand. My heart will share love. My work will be for betterment. My actions uplifting. My words kind.

Life is but a fleeting moment. While I may not always get what I felt important, I must never wallow in self pity. I choose not to waste what time I have.


14 thoughts on “Reflections on disheartenment and respect

  1. Leave it to you to be a bright point. Friends worried last night a might be the next Marilyn Monroe with the gin I took in. Still shocked. Don’t know why exactly, because I didn’t care for either of them…..went with her because of her knowledge with dealing with Washington. But you words help me😥😪😚

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