Being of service to others

Some of you know I’m sober. Some may have picked up I follow a twelve step program. Others reading this may not have a clue about these personal detail but guess what, now you do.

The final step, the twelfth step, is about carrying the message and helping others who want or desire help. It’s about helping each other. It’s about helping the group. It’s about improving just the little part of the world that surrounds oneself. It’s simply being of service.

Earlier today while driving to the grocery I was contemplating what difference can I make? What difference in the vast world? How could I change the world? How can I, big bearded little me, make any difference?

Start. Start right here. Start with what I have. Start where I am. Do one thing that makes this little area right around me better. Clean the trash or of a shopping cart left out in the parking lot and bring it in to use. Then return that shopping cart clean and ready for use in the proper spot. Smile and share humor with the clerk adding “Thank You, I hope you have a great day” when walking away. Be courteous when driving home. Let someone ahead of me in traffic. Put my neighbors trash cans away  for them after I park my car before carrying my groceries in from the alley. Leave each place I encounter just a little better than I found it by doing just one simple gesture.

Little things have ripple effects. I feel good when I do good. Others feel good when I share good. Good interactions lead to more. More leads to even more.

Turns out being of service is simply doing little things that improve small situations. This little service returns big results. When each of us do simple little things to make each immediate area around us better than we found it, imagine. Imagine the possibilities.

Go ahead. It has to start somewhere. 😉👍😃


20 thoughts on “Being of service to others

  1. it’s the little things in life, right?

    the cashier at the grocery store has a new hairstyle; I noticed it and told aleah how pretty she looked. she said I made her day. while she scans my items, I bag the groceries; aleah said I can bag faster than she can. I joked with aleah and said “this old bag likes to bag!” aleah is 20, I am 62.

  2. Dr. Spo needs a pep talk (from you). His latest post indicates the election is bringing him down. I fear that some of his readers will just agree with him that the world is going to hell therefore exacerbating his despair, but I know that you and your positive take on life will lift his spirits.

  3. Such a motivational post. We can sometimes compare ourselves to others (not good) who are accomplishing big, wonderful things in the world and think we could never measure up. We feel inadequate and discouraged. But as you said, it is the little things that can make a huge difference, and who knows how far the ‘ripple’ of a small kindness will reach. Your examples show how very easy it is to do that. All we have to do, as you siad, is “Start.”

  4. I think you’ve nailed it. Doing the next right thing doesn’t have to be a big thing; it can be as simple as picking up that piece of trash on the street. In the same way, a spiritual experience doesn’t have to involve a burning bush; it can be paying someone a compliment and putting a smile on their face.

  5. YES!! Goodness doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Being of service can be exactly what you described. Very little effort usually, with a much bigger pay-off to the recipient. This is a great reminder.

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