21 Things

I find that practicing gratitude is often the easiest way to a positive outlook. Being grateful for the things I have in my life can keep me in an upbeat mood and can change my mood from bad to good should I find myself lost in a dark alley. Gratitude can shift me out of darkness and/or keep me in the light. I must remember to practice it daily.

I find gratitude in the blessings in my everyday life. I can also be grateful for simply the things I enjoy whether they are mine or just around me in my world. Two bloggers I enjoy, Mark & Anne Marie, both recently posted a list of 21 things they like. What better way to stay positive or shift oneself toward a great outlook and a wonderful day?

Here goes …Fearsome’s 21 things we like (in no certain order):

1. Our home

2. San Diego

3. Coffee

4. Dogs

5. The Better Half

6. Chicken Parmesan

7. Real Estate

8. Blogging

9. Mornings

10. Rain

11. Magic

12. Baseball

13. Beards

14. Good sheets

15. Art

16. Travel

17. The Beach

18. Breezes

19. Spinach smoothies

20. Work

21. Shopping

Damn, I have to stop here? To keep from boring you I will, however I will add to the list on my own. That was easy and I feel great. May you have a great day too!

5 thoughts on “21 Things

  1. its been a while since I popped by and this is a great reintroduction. Good sheets would be up my list a bit higher jockeying with the better half! 🙂 (I realize yours is in no particular order)

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