Tipping point

I crossed a big line today. I’ve tipped the point.

Yesterday marked the anniversary of my moving from the east to the west coast. It was the anniversary of equality. I had lived for exactly the amount of time on the west coast as I had on the east coast the day I left. I have lived with The Better Half for each and every day on this here west coast.

As of today I have now lived away from my hometown longer than I lived there. Thus I have also lived with The Better Half longer than any common thread of any possible past current earthly existence.

I love you Better Half. Thank you for caring enough to show me the way to my real home.

8 thoughts on “Tipping point

  1. And I realized the other day I am rapidly reaching the point that I will have been gone from SF longer than the total number of years I lived there. Also, my first lover has now been dead longer than he’d been alive when we first met.

    Getting old sucks.

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