Back to life, back to reality

The surgery took place July 6. After a couple days I was finally able to give a better description. Now that I’m somewheres about 16 weeks out and in the throws of physical therapy I figured it was about time I started back to the gym. The doctor has been pro PT but anti gym. It’s apparently way too easy to have an accident at the gym and screw up a post op shoulder.

With my history of having been somewhat of a fitness ferret, I was a startin’ to notice some things. Though the weight has stayed exactly what it was the last gym day apparently gravity has started making some changes. There’s a slight appearance of a small gut beginning to form as well as tighter pants. In the mirror I’m noticing the dreaded butt sag. The arms have deflated and the pectorals have lost any form of definition. My poor legs are starting to resemble tooth picks and the back ache is notifying me that the core is loosing its strength.

I decided screw what the doctor says, I gotta get my ass back over to the best gym in the whole wide world. Yes you are correct, that would be World Gym San Diego!


Fearsome was ecstatic as I could barely contain him as we walked toward our favorite stompin’ grounds. We were greeted immediately with an enthusiastic “where have you been?” by one of the owners who was working the front desk.

It was good to have been missed.

The old school heavy metal rock was blaring. The place was busy as usual. We headed straight upstairs for a twenty minute treadmill walk (no running yet as one fall and all surgery will have been for naught), some stretching of the now tight and stiff muscles, three different abdominal excercises and then some lunges got us started. We headed down to the main gym floor to get in three different leg machines then to the benches for some of my physical therapy excercises for the upper body that involve zero up to no more than 5lb weights.

The shoulder, especially the bicep tenodesis, will not allow the left arm to lift more than 5 pounds until at least January. Damn it felt good to work out. It was fun to see all the usual friendly faces, feel the energy, hear the music, smell the sweat and take in the pure eclectic diversity of the clientele that makes World Gym San Diego one of the best, if not the best gym in the world.

Recovery continues and many days the shoulder is sore, but sore in the good way telling me that I’ve correctly worked my PT exercises. The upper body looks and strength will come back over a slow period but will come. The legs, butt and core can start now on their return to normal. Yoga will come back again in a few more months for my flexibility, core strength enhancement and inner serenity.

I am so blessed with health, strength, recovery, health insurance, home, love, partnership, friends, community, support, puppies, work, country, knowledge, understanding, freedom, money, sobriety, insight and yes of corse Fearsome. I actually found tears of joy streaming down my cheeks and into Fearsome as I drove home.

I cherish them tears as each and every one is an expression of the blessing that is life.

I cherish this blog and my expression.

I cherish you for reading, sharing and loving me back.


11 thoughts on “Back to life, back to reality

  1. be careful of that shoulder, but work the rest of that sexy body. you may have to start out slower than you would like, but don’t injure yourself in other spots. your strength will return. I am proud of you!

  2. You have no idea how much I look forward to reading your blog.
    I cherish your wisdom and willingness to share your life.
    Keep healing and take good care of yourself and Fearsome!

  3. Its amazing how quickly a gym-toned body deteriorates when the workout routine is halted for men of a certain age. I fear old man butt.

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