Tonkinese Cat or a Badger?

When curled up with a good Harry Potter book have you ever wondered how you would fit into the wonderful wizardry world? In what house the sorting hat would place you? When wondering Diagonal Alley the first time which wand would choose you? Cornered by dark magic what Patronus will you have at your side aiding in your defense?

Yesterday I discovered THIS SITE and found out for myself a little of what my wizardry experience would be.


Of corse Fearsome wouldn’t hear of being left out…


Looks like we would be busy living in two separate houses and managing two very different Patronus. Fearsome is more than a handful, but he says that about me.

One thought on “Tonkinese Cat or a Badger?

  1. I must confess I have never read HP nor have I seen any of the movies. Am I alone? On my last significant birthday I received a universal remote control in the form of a wizard’s wand as a gift. I think your home may find it more useful…?

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