Cruising you tube while doing our physical therapy excercises the other night we stumbled upon this Beradilizer video ad featuring Marty Ray of the Marty Ray Project. Good clean beard entertainment it is.

Beardspirations they are.

We haven’t ever tried any Beardilizer products so we cannot vouch for their quality. We will put them on our list of future products to try.

Fearsome particularly likes the scene where the beard is blowing in the breeze out of the car window. I just wouldn’t like dealing with all the tangles after such an adventure but I’d gladly get over it.

Fearsome is well on his way to longer lengths than previously experienced. Wish him luck. Maybe one day he will reach the greatness of these.

Oh, my shoulder you asked since I mentioned physical therapy? It’s doing well. We are 8 weeks out and getting lots of movement back. This is work though, hard freakin’ work. The range of motion is not easy due to the scar tissue. With Fearsome’s encouragement I will get there.

3 thoughts on “Beardilizer

  1. Their advertising is cute, but I’d have to say most of their grooming products that I’ve tried, were not that good. The ‘beard vitamin’ is useless. I took it for 4 months and nothing; no growth, no change in texture, etc. I think my beard is healthier without it lol

    • Thus my disclaimer. There is another beard product line that has lots of you tube videos that I have tried and don’t care for. This video is quite good though. I have a new goal with or without any specialized product.

      • I’ve tried most beard care products on the ‘market’ over the past few years, and several of those that claim to be beard vitamins. (none of them work, as they all have the same ingredients lol) silly people!

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