“Worry has no real power” ….John Chester

I grew up with worry. I had a mother who worried, a grandmother who worried, a dad who worried, aunts and uncles who worried. It was a culture. A culture of worry born out of the depression era of the 1930s & 40s followed by the Cold War.

Does worry accomplish anything at all? Yes. Worry wastes time. Worry causes stress. Worry interferes with relationships. Worry manifests illusions. Worry breeds distrust. Worry interferes with contentment, peace, happiness and serenity. Worry is born out of fear. Cultivating worry cultivates fear.

Can we learn to let go? Can we relieve ourselves of worry?

I believe we can.

For me I must realize that I am “part of” not the “master of”. I only contribute, I am not the all powerful. Life was here before me and will be after me. In letting go I gain the power of freedom. By focusing on what I can change, not what I can’t, I can actually make a difference.

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