I feel a song comin’ on

Raybeard planted a seed in my head with his last comment. A seed of a tune that I love. A tune that inspires the simplicity of an unencumbered life. Joy comes from life itself not the material possessions that often distract us.

There’s this original that is magnificent. It’s simple, raw good talent. His timing is perfection.

Then there is this version from one of my favorite films. This too is perfection in a different way. It’s still simple but twisted and tweaked by a different artist perspective.

Today as I go to my very first post-op physical therapy appointment and then into a Dr. appointment for the work up on the other shoulder, yes it’s a problem too, I will keep this mantra in my head:

Life is the journey. Joy is in the journey. The material is just icing on the cake. I will enjoy the journey and savor it. I won’t let the little bumps on the road spoil it but let them spice it up.

8 thoughts on “I feel a song comin’ on

  1. another tune like this is “me & you & a dog named boo” – a 70s bubblegum hit, but it’s about the simple things.

  2. Wow! Had no idea you’d pick up this ball and run with it, F.B., but so glad and honoured that you did – and giving me a most appreciated mention to boot! Thanks.
    I’ve only seen ‘Brokeback’ the once, and high time I remedied that. But I don’t recall this song featuring at all. Perhaps it was just a brief snippet. However, there’s one sure way to find out…….

    Yes, wishing you every success in your progress back to a full fit state. I’m thinking of you and will continue to do so. It’ll also help me in my own desire to move away self-absorption in current difficulties.

    • The song appears in a very short sipped with Jack in his truck right after he gets news of Ennis’ divorce. I would almost bet the snippet is actually Roger Miller, but this version is on the soundtrack. I was given the soundtrack as a door prize at the opening night screening of the film here in San Diego. It us one of my favorite CDs.
      One only needs to review this film to see how far society has come in its acceptance of gay men. It’s a good reminder.

      • It’s a very good film too, F.B., I agree. It got some rather sniffy reviews here (though not entirely) when it opened – e.g. “Just an ordinary, boring love story but between two men instead of a man and a woman.” – WHAT? Say again?
        I really do need to watch it once more – at least. The thing I do especially remember after all these years since that one viewing is the chilling silences between the characters when they didn’t have the vocabulary to deal with what they knew or suspected was going on – and also the fact that they just didn’t want to go there. Very effective features of a remarkable film which is one of my very favourites of recent years. It was only the old-fashioned fuddy-duddies among the Oscar voters that year who decided not to award it the ‘Best Picture’ accolade, giving it instead to ‘Crash’ – which, incidentally, was also praiseworthy. Nevertheless, a real pity.

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