Forward Vision and Goal Setting

John F. Kennedy

Visionary, Goal Setting, Forward Thinking, Inspirational, Challenging, Engaging, Handsome, Gentleman, Liberal, Fair, Leadership…

Yesterday’s post featuring Frank Sinatra inspired us over here at Fearsome Beard. Frank’s reprisal of High Hopes promoting Jack’s 1960 presidential campaign reminded us about a man who died a short time prior to our birth. A man who set the highest goal that any man had ever set for us as a nation and for mankind.

When President Kennedy made this speech he set a goal. A goal to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. A goal that not only had never been accomplished but a goal that no one even had a clue as to how to do.

Seven years after his speech, and after his death, man landed on the moon. Man got out and walked on the moon. Man got there with technology that didn’t exist when the speech was made. In a capsule made of metal alloys that had yet to have been discovered. With radio technology that at best could be compared to FM radios yet calculated, positioned and timed with a precision to safely arrive, stay and return on time, in place and alive.

Without Jack’s challenge, vision and inspiration during this speech history would be different. Without it we would not have landed on the moon in 1969. Without him we would not be the nation we are today.

Do yourself a favor.

Do yourself a big favor.

Watch this video. Whether you have seen it before or not this is 18 minutes of pure inspiration. It is 18 minutes of life enrichment. It is 18 minutes of why we need to think ahead, be positive, challenge ourselves, look forward, set goals….18 minutes of how to live a good life and be part of a wonderful society.

18 minutes of why this election matters, why you matter, why we matter.

I sit sit in gratitude for President Kennedy, deep gratitude.


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