High Hopes

This morning Fearsome found himself bobbing up and down as I was singing a happy morning tune. A tune I learned as a child. In fact one of my earliest memories, it was Dad that taught it to me. A tune the Frank Sinatra made famous.

As I sang it Fearsome bounced around in agreement. Why dwell on the negative when we can set our hopes high and most likely see those hopes achieved? One sure won’t achieve big things if one dwells on the problems and doesn’t dream to start with. Ahhhh…1950s Frank Sinatra inspiration. A great way to start a fabulously succesful week with a kick in our step and a smile on our lips.

We agreed that it would make a fun post that might just lift another blogger out there. Little did we know that in searching it out and actually listening to it that a rush of childhood emotion would fill our heart with joy. Tears of joy actually. It was a nice surprise remembering our late father singing the song with us, well ..er..um..me as Fearsome wasn’t even peach fuzz yet.

In that search we found a hidden treasure that we never knew existed. We post that below. I sure wish Frank were here today to reprise this number for Hillary. His original Jack Kennedy rendition will just have to do.


It was John F. Kennedy that set the high hope that landed us on the moon in 1969! Why? Because it is there…Not because it is easy but because it is Hard!

We can overcome challenges. First we must decide to.


7 thoughts on “High Hopes

  1. Thanks that just brought back memories of when that movie was released – Eddie Hodges had appeared in the original Broadway production of The Music Man and had become a child celebrity. When he grew older he had a few teeny-pop hits (we’re talking the early 60s here) and I had my first ginger crush – hey I started young. LOL He went on to become a mental health counsellor.

  2. Shhhhhhh! I shouldn’t be too surprised to see this being used as a keynote ‘anthem’ for the Tr*mp campaign. They seem to have no compunctions about using other people’s songs without regard to the approval or even political sympathies of the original artists.
    Btw: Yes, I know that Sinatra turned into a reactionary, old bore later in life, but let’s gloss over that – and just be happy!

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