“Don’t complain …Vote”

Driving home from the grocery this morning (first ever driving experience since surgery) I passed by the gate into our neighborhood Marine Corps Recruit Depot. San Diego’s MCRD is one of only two Marine training bases here in the continental U.S. the other being Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. MCRD is walking distance from our home, just at the base of the hill.

MCRD San Diego

MCRD San Diego

I posted about our neighborhood Marine base shortly after I started blogging. I just popped over to revisit that post. Quite insightful actually. If you have any interest you can check that post out simply by clicking HERE.

Anyhoo, I noticed that the lighted marquee sign over the security booth at the entrance brightly displayed the title of this post. “Don’t Complain …Vote” flashed brightly at me in red, white and blue.

The flashing lights bore their message right into me. I needed to see that. I need to contemplate and digest this profound little message.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the negative. The arguing, the insults, the twisted interpretations, the bias and closed minded attitudes all add up to stress. The stress is spread from one to another through confrontation and resistance. What o what is a beard to do?

A beard can do this: I can decide to focus on what resonates with me. I can speak about the positive points of the issues that I feel are important. I can support the causes and candidates that reflect my values. I can give to those causes and candidates. I can volunteer to support these campaigns for those causes and candidates. I can focus my efforts, energy and time toward the positive of those that I support. I can feel good about working for what I believe. I can vote and encourage others to do the same.

What if instead I choose complain about the causes and candidates I fear? I waste my energy. I cause myself stress. I convey stress and misery to others around me.

I’d much rather work toward what I want than to complain about what I don’t want.

I love my neighborhood Marine base. I’m energized by the message they shared with me today.

Semper Fi


Getting into Comic Con

Its that week, Comic Con 2016! WooHoo!

Fearsome has the Golden Ticket of all 4 days plus preview night! Too bad he has to rely on me and the recovering shoulder to get him there. Don’t get me wrong we will not miss one day of attending but our attendance time will be limited by the need for a shoulder’s rest.

We will post photos to keep all of you in the know of just a few of the fabulous scenes, costumes and frivolity at the San Diego Convention Center over the next few days.

Shoulder updates are this….we are recovering well as long as we rest and keep the left arm immobilized. We see the surgeon again next week. We are loving the fact we can now shower, it was a week without…ewwww. Physical therapy will start in a couple weeks. We will be able to start driving next week (on the sly) but still must keep left arm immobilized. This was way more of an ordeal than I thought it would be but it’s done and we are better each day.

In the mean time let the boys show you just what it’s like trying to get this golden ticket that Fearsome scored more than 6 months ago…


Whoopi wisdom

Looking beyond the cover, the shell, the obvious on the outside.

Finding the beauty, the treasure, the meaning on the inside.

Humanity, we really do have more in common than we have differences. Most often our gifts have to be discovered deep within. To go deep we must simply slow down, appreciate and respect.

I choose…

I choose to be part of the solution.

I choose to speak kind words.

I choose to seek peaceful understanding.

I choose to compliment wise choices and good acts.

I choose to accept diffences.

I choose to appreciate diversity.

I choose gratitude.

I choose to respect others.

I choose to act with grace.

I choose to love.

I choose to uplift my brothers and sisters in humanity.

I choose to serve.

I choose to give.

I choose to share.

I choose to smile.

I choose to accept my resposibility and to act responsibly.

I choose to be informed but not innundate myself.

I choose to live the light and to dispel darkness.

I choose to work.

I choose to continuously choose good.